What Local Business Owners Should Know To Make a Business a Success

Local Business MarketingThe way in which any local business owner has to run their business has now changed compared to the way businesses     were run in the past. Due to the changing of the local business market, how local business owners market their business is of vital importance as to how successful a local company will be.

In the not so distant past, it was not so difficult to get started in the business market. This was because there was not as much of an emphasis on marketing the business and reaching as big of an audience as possible. New business owners tended to rely on a small amount of marketing such as leaflets and a listing in one of the local listing sources, as well as word of mouth to generate new business.

But compared to today’s business market, it is imperative that local business owners have a much larger marketing campaign through numerous online sources in order to compete with the increased competition there is in today’s market. This makes the task of running a business a lot more difficult due to the large number of different marketing avenues that need to be created and maintained.

This blog will allow local business owners to keep informed on the latest news from other local businesses as well as the news on the latest business services that other local businesses are providing. The blog will also provide useful information on how local business owners should be marketing their business and their business services.

Can You Treat Migraines With Botox?

Botox treatment for migraines.

Botox treatment for migraines.

If you’re a sufferer of constant migraines, help may be on the way for you. The chances are you know someone who has had botox treatment to help them look younger and fresher, but have you ever considered getting botox to treat your migraines?

You did just read correctly, you can now use botox to treat migraines. If you’re are feeling a bit confused, then this blog written by Dr Neil White for laserase Wales will be able to help you understand it a bit better. In the blog, Dr White goes into detail about the process of botox migraine treatment and how it can work…

Botox Treatment For Migraines

Botox treatment is widely considered to be used purely for cosmetic reasons and therefore has received some bad press over the years. But Laserase Wales offers botox treatment to treat a number of medical conditions. One medical condition that Laserase Wales treats with botox treatment is for headaches and migraines.

Botox Laser Treatment | Botox Treatments Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales

Hopefully this blog post has been informal for you and you now have a better understanding on botox treatments for migraines.

Soda Blasting Services

Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting

Providing soda blasting services has become big business as commercial buildings need their outside brick and stone work cleaning. The exterior of all buildings are prone to a build up of dirt, moss, algae, and other materials can can make a commercial premises look bad.

Soda blasting companies are able to clean the outside surfaces in an eco-friendly way that removes all of the surface build up including deliberate damage such as graffiti.

Here is why soda blasting is so popular with professionals …

The APT Eco precision Blast System is revolutionary. It is an environmentally friendly, non-destructive, non-abrasive, chemical free cleaning process using specially formulated granules of natural bicarbonate of soda and controlled amounts of compressed air.

The APT Eco precision Blast System is by far the quickest, safest and most cost effective method used to clean and remove decades of build up from pollution, residues and coatings from virtually any surface without damaging the substrates.

Blasting soda is an extremely friable material that has micro fragmentation on impact, literally taking away surface materials without damaging the fabric of your building or surface.  Soda particles fracture into smaller particles on impact thus providing a thorough cleaning action while softening the impact on the substrate. [Read the full soda blasting article here]

Soda Blasting Cleaning Video


Whilst there are many different systems used to clean the outside of buildings, soda blasting has now become the popular choice for those responsible for the up keep and maintenance of properties.

Botox Treatment To Control Sweating?

Botox-TreatmentDo you or do you know anyone who suffers from excessive sweating? Then you may be unaware that you can use botox as a way to control the sweating. The majority of people associate botox with injections to the face to try and combat the signs of ageing, but are unaware of the benefits of using botox to control sweating.

Dr Neil White from laserase Wales has written a blog that goes into detail talking about how it works, check it out below…

Botox Treatment For Sweating

Excessive sweating is an actual medical condition that is called hyperhidrosis. This is when the sweat glands in the body produce more moisture than they usually do on the normal person.

This can happen on a number of places on the body including the face, hands, feet and the armpits.  What many people don’t know is that one of the most effective treatments for excessive sweating is through the use of botox (botulinum toxin) that is injected to treat excess sweating.  At Laserase Wales we regularly treat a number of patients who experience this condition, with successful results.

The video he has attached to his blog also talks about the benefits of botox treatment…

Deciding On The Right Botox Clinic

Botox-Before-and-After1There are many clinics that offer botox services, but how can you make sure you’ve chosen the best one for you? If laser botox treatment is new to you, you may not know where to go and how to determine if somewhere is safe to get the treatment done.

Luckily, Dr Neil White from Laserase Wales, has written an in depth blog about choosing the best botox clinic. I have chosen this blog as it clearly shows he’s experienced with what he does. The blog is linked below…

Botox Clinics

When a patient is considering having botox treatment from a specialised clinic, it is important to check that the clinic is a suitable place to receive treatment. Patients should ensure that the clinic that they go to for botox treatment is fully certified and is specialised enough to ensure that the best possible treatment is received…

This video by Dr Neil White explains the process of laser botox treatment…

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt? Let’s Find Out

Tattoo_removal_2Laser tattoo removal procedures are increasing in popularity due to the rising number of people deciding to get tattooed. With the demand for laser tattoo removal at a high, this has allowed the technology used for these procedure to more with the times and become increasingly safer and easier.

Dr Neil White, who’s clinic laserase Wales, offers laser tattoo removal services to people residing in Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend, Swansea, Llanelli and surrounding areas. His expertise are second to none which is why I have included his blog below to help you try and answer that question; does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt

When some people get a tattoo, there is a chance that in the future some will grow to regret ever having it done and want it to be removed. But the actual task of getting the tattoo removed may be one that you are dreading, making you unsure as to whether to go ahead with the tattoo removal treatment. Maybe the thoughts going through your head are preventing you from getting your tattoo removed.   So the burning questions are: does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Laser Tattoo Removal | Tattoo Removal Treatments Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales

Laser Tattoo Removal; Is It Costly?

Complext tattoo before & afterAre you one of the many people around the world with a tattoo? Then you may have a tattoo that you regret or may want to get rid of to make room for a new one. If that’s the case, you may have heard about laser tattoo removal as an option. There are numerous reservations when it comes to laser tattoo removal, for example, a lot of people ask does laser tattoo removal hurt? Or does laser tattoo removal leave scars? One of the most popular question being asked is; does laser tattoo removal work?

But one thing that people always worry about is the cost of laser tattoo removal. In his clinic based in South Wales, Dr Neil White has been performing laser tattoo removals for many years, and in his blog he talks about the different costs of laser tattoo removal

The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo that you now regret, then you are likely to be looking at ways in which you can get the tattoo removed.

But you may have heard from several different sources that the laser tattoo removal cost is expensive and think that it may be too costly for you. For this reason, you may be looking at some alternate ways in which you can get rid of your unwanted tattoos at a reduced price.

Dr Neil White talks about laser tattoo removal:

Laserase Wales covers the south Wales areas including Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend, Swansea, Llanelli.

What is ARBED funding?

Funded boiler installationsIn Welsh ARBED means ‘to save’.   ARBED funding was set up by the Welsh Government to help organisations across the region, such as Warm Wales-Cymru Gynnes, to help to reduce the amount of energy being used, cut down on energy bills and help householders suffering from fuel poverty to improve their lives.

ARBED Initiatives

The main initiatives that the ARBED programme covers includes:

  • Grants to replace inefficient boilers in homes
  • Improving the insulation on homes that don’t have the proper standards
  • Connecting homes up to mains gas supplies to improve energy consumption and cut energy costs
  • Installation of energy efficient heating .

Projects delivered under the ARBED funding programme have been delivered in the most deprived areas of Wales and range from individual homes (private and public) and streets through to entire communities.


The overriding objective of ARBED is to help to reduce carbon emissions and ensure that people on low incomes have access to affordable energy solutions.   This has the knock-on effect of boosting the economic development of Wales through job creation and training.

Phases 1 and 2

ARBED has been delivered in two phases. The first was completed at the end of 2012 and saw an investment of more than £70 million to homes across Wales.  This included improving the energy efficiency of more than 8,000 homes, resulting in £98 million savings on fuel bills that will be achieved over a 15 year period.  The impact of this programme has also resulted in a reduction of CO2 emissions of 12,000 tonnes a year.   What’s more, the majority of the products used were manufactured in Wales and 80% of the workforce employed on installation work were based in the region.

The second phase, which has benefitted from £45 million of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), started in 2012 and is due for completion in 2015.   The focus remains on improving energy efficiencies and targeting fuel poverty across Wales.  Projects include further boiler installations,  insulation of solid walls and a range of micro-generation products.

Gas Options for Householders in the South West

Funded boiler installationsWhen it comes to gas supply to private homes or those owned by Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) such as local authorities or housing associations,  South West based householders are often confused about how to get connected and what their legal rights are.

Common Issues

Some of the most common issues are addressed in this article.

The first question most householders as is whether they can get gas to their home by installing their own gas meter.   It is legal requirement for any household to have a contract with a registered gas supplier and, irrespective of who owns the meter, it is not legal to use gas in your home without a contract.

It is not illegal to buy a gas meter yourself but prior to purchasing one you should always think first about its intended use and is it fit for purpose (ie is your supplier able to take an accurate reading form the meter in order to bill your gas supply).    It is a criminal offence to interfere with any energy supply meter to prevent it from recording an accurate consumption.

Meter Ownership

It is not who owns the meter that counts but that there is a contract in place with a gas supplier that is the most important aspect when it comes to domestic gas supply.

If you do choose to install your own gas meter, it is important that it is fitted by a fully qualified, Gas Safe registered fitter who is working for a licenced company.  It is then your responsiblity and not that of the gas supplier to ensure it is fit for purpose and records your gas supply accurately.   It will also be down to you to replace the meter if anything goes wrong.

By installing your own meter, the only saving you will make is on the cost of renting it. These costs are normally included in your monthly gas price.

When it comes to who owns the gas, then in a nutshell the ownership of the gas supply changes s it passes through the pipe network.   It is the National Grid who is responsible for this gas whilst it is being supported.  The gas suppliers pay the distribution networks to transport the gas to customers.

National Grid

The National Grid is essentially the owner and operator of the national transmission system (NTS) as well as owning four low pressure distribution networks, which take gas from the NTS to your house.  It also runs the National Gas Emergency Service free phone line on behalf of the industry – 0800 111 999 (all calls are recorded and may be monitored).

People can buy gas from a third party but the Gas Act 1995 stipulates that anyone who consumes gas has to take their supply through a meter that has been approved for billing purposes.

Organisations such as Integrated Energy Services can help householders to make educated decisions regarding their gas supply as well as information about possible financial support to bringing gas supply to their homes.


Mediation in the workplace: Let’s Talk About It.

E book cover 2UK employment legislation actively promotes the use of trained mediators to settle employee grievances.  However, in a workplace it isn’t always easy to implement mediation which is why it is so important to bring in experienced, properly trained mediators.  Mediation is very effective for one-on-one rather than conflicts between larger groups.

If you are experiencing any form of conflict at work or if you are a manager who needs to deal with conflict, then workplace mediation is a potential solution.   Many human resources specialists are embracing this approach as a means to avoiding costly and disruptive disciplinary or grievance procedures.   Investing in a workplace mediation specialist can, in most instances, result in a positive outcome for all parties.


The alternative options to mediation can be costly in many ways.   If there is conflict at work, then it can have an impact on team morale and the productivity of staff members.   If someone chooses to resign because of the situation, then an organisation also faces the cost of recruitment.   If the case goes to tribunal, then you could also be facing hefty legal bills.

So there is a compelling case to consider mediation to resolve most workplace disputes in order to avoid the disruption and costs of not addressing the conflict in this way.

In fact, the previously used three-step grievance procedure (statement of grievance, meeting, appeal) is no longer deemed to be best practice by key organisations such as ACAS who now strongly advocates mediation instead.

Organisation Culture

Organisations can’t be forced to go down the mediation route as it has to be voluntary procedures.  However, if an employer refuses to use mediation to resolve a workplace dispute and ends up in a tribunal, then the judge will none too pleased to find out that mediation was not implemented.

Sadly, mediation is still not part of the culture in many organisations.  This is mainly because when relationships have broken down,  employees are not always willing to meet and talk, let alone listen to each other’s point of view.   On the other hand, most employees usually do want to get disruptive conflict sorted out as they can see the affect this is having on themselves as well as the business.

Confidential Process

Mediation is always 100% confidential and only the mediator and the employees involved are party to the dicussions and any follow up written documents.  It’s up them if they want to share the results of the mediation with other people but they are not obliged to do so.  It’s best practice to hold an initial meeting with no obligation to continue in order to ensure that all parties are happy with the mediation process.

In summary, workplace mediation can be transformational provided all parties understand the process and have an open mind when starting the process.


Complext tattoo before & afterLaser tattoo removal provides a less painful and highly effective means for people who want to remove their tattoo. Many people look at getting rid of a tattoo for professional reasons, particularly if a tattoo is visible in a specific uniform or is simply not apporopriate in career progression.

Laser tattoo is considered to be the best among all the methods of tattoo removal available and is relatively painless. Most of the available methods other than laser removal are very painful and can result in scarring or burning.

In laser tattoo removal, the targeted tattoo is exposed to the intense pulse of light which is delivered by laser. The laser energy eventually destroys the ink pigment used for tattooing while ensuring minimum damage to the skin. The popularity of laser tattoo is sky rocketing and many people are resorting to this reliable methods to have their tattoos removed.

Laser tattoo may be costly and it may require multiple sessions to get rid of unwanted tattoos but the result is always guaranteed. This makes laser tattoo removal attractive to many professional people as it helps them to achieve their goals.  What’s more it is highly effective without being evasive.

Dr Neil White from Laserase Wales explains the way laser tattoo removal works in more detail in this video.

Another advantage of laser tattoo offers is that it can be applied to all types of tattoos. Different colour tattoos respond to lasers in different ways and so some may take longer to remove.

For these reasons, many professional people see laser treatment as a safe way of removing their tattoos.



Keeping road signs free of algaeRoad signs, bollards and chevrons are used by traffic management for security and the safety of drivers and passengers on the roads.  Bollards, chevrons and road signs are also there to give directions, guidance and instructions to drivers. The essence of  road signs is to ensure the security of both the drivers and the public.

A bollard is usually a short vertical post used by the traffic management authorities since the beginning of the eighteenth century. It is used for traffic control to reduce accidents especially at roadway exits.

Chevron is a V-shaped marking on the surface of the road. It is used to indicate the minimum distances between vehicles.

Road Signs

Road signs are traffic language used to communicate with drivers. Some of the most commonly used road safety signs are no parking, stop, no entry and one way. Other roads signs include those that indicate that a school or hospital is ahead. These signs are also used to warn the drivers of speed limits.

So you can see why is it so important to keep these signs free from stains.


The very purpose of these bollards, chevrons and road signs would be jeopardized if stains are allowed to settle permanently on them. The instruction will not be clear and the message or warnings that are being sent to the drivers will not be clearly understood.

The local authorities should be well aware that the roles that road signs play in the security of lives and vehicles on UK roads are enormous. In order not to jeopardize those roles, it is crucial to keep bollards, chevrons and road sign free of stains, including free of algae or moss build up, on UK roads.

If the instructions on a road sign are not visible, then this can lead to as serious accident.

Role of Local Authorities

The local authorities should always be vigilant in checking for stains on bollards, chevrons and road signs in order to safeguard the lives of people on UK roads.

This is also important in the protection of local communities.  People who live in a particular area will be familiar with the signs and know the locality well.  However visitors to the area won’t have the same knowledge and so will rely heavily on the information provided by road signs.

Bollards, chevrons and road signs play important role in security of drivers, passengers and public on the roads. It is therefore vitally important that they are kept free of stains to ensure they meet the purpose they are designed for.

The best marketing tools to promote a laser acne treatment clinic

Acne laser treatmentsThe development of technology has given life to a wide range of methods, which have the potential to make the life easy for people. Laser clinics can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. Laser clinics in the present world help a lot for the people who suffer from acne skiin problems for example. Since there is a huge demand for acne laser treatments, a large number of clinics have come to the world and you will have to take the maximum advantage out of available marketing tools to promote your clinic within the potential people.

Social Media

Social media networks can be considered as one of the best platforms available for the people to promote laser clinics for acne treatments. Social media usage has become a trend in the present world and millions of people across UK access them on a regular basis. You can simply promote your clinic within these networks with less hassle and interact with your potential customers by answering their concerns. Offers can also be promoted using your channels from time to time in order to impress potential people and make them come to your clinic.
YouTube is a particularly good social media platform to promote your laser clinic, especially if the senior practitioner is knowledgeable in the subject. See this example here from Dr Neil White.


It is essential for a laser clinic to have its own website. From the recent researches, it has been identified that many people go online to look for the things that they need. Therefore, if you don’t have a website, you are missing out a large number of people. The website should include all the services that your laser clinic offers and the prices. In addition, you can include a separate section for customer feedback. People always prefer to read customer reviews before going for a particular service, so this specific section will be a great asset for you in the long run.
A Laser clinic can be defined as one of the best clinics that specialize in all the laser procedures including laser treatments for acne to complex tattoo removal. It is completely up to you to look for the potential market trends and get the assistance of the best marketing tool out there to promote your laser clinic.

How to market free boiler services to potential customers

Funded boiler installationsPeople are sometimes sceptical when it comes to free boiler installations services; they think there may be a catch and that they will end up forking out a small fortune. Since there are plenty of things to consider, they always prefer to gain a bit of background knowledge about the free services.

Therefore, the service providers need to think about the requirements of potential customers when creating a marketing plan to promote free boiler services, explaining the benefits and why the installation will not cost them money.

Common Questions
Before creating a marketing plan, you need to think about the common questions that people ask in relation to free boiler services. They include why it is required, how the process is carried out by the service provider, what sort of boiler they will get and who is responsible for its maintenance and servicing. You can give a simple answer to all the above mentioned questions. It is, asking the customers wouldn’t they prefer to have a new, cost effective boiler fitted in their home at no cost to themselves. Explain about the funding available and why the government is keen to see more homes with new boilers installed to help improve the carbon footprint.

Common Questions

Since this message has the potential to create awareness among customers about the importance of a new boiler for themselves and for the country in general, you will not have to worry about the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.
A new boiler requires little servicing or maintenance but it needs to be installed properly by professionals, which is another key message to your target market. At the end of the day, customers will be left with a proper functioning and efficient boiler, which can meet all their expectations. It is essential to highlight these key messages when marketing the free boiler service to potential customers.


You may have to convince them why they should look at government funded boilers rather than ones from the private sector. Not everyone understands the concept and your explanation needs to be clear and concise. You also need to ensure that they understand the criteria used to assess whether they are eligible for a free boiler, otherwise you may have a number of dissatisfied people who may comment negatively about your service, which in turn could undermine your positive marketing campaign.
It’s also important to use case studies in your marketing strategy so you can show at first hand to any sceptics that the scheme is valid and of real benefit to people living in fuel poverty for example. Use quotes from satisfied customers as well as any partner organisations you may be working with, including local authorities or housing associations. This will give endorsement to your free boiler scheme and encourage others in similar circumstances, who may not be able to afford a boiler to contact you directly – which is the ultimate goal of your marketing strategy.