Cardiff Botox

Botox is a treatment that is becoming more and more popular among the general population in the UK. Botox treatment is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment that is used to freeze the muscles that are present in the body, most usually the face, to prevent wrinkles from forming.

It is widely considered that Botox is mostly used for cosmetic purposes and whilst Botox is used cosmetically, Botox injections can also be used to help treat and improve certain medical conditions. Botox injections can be used alongside certain medical treatments such as Botox for sweating, as well as treatments such as Botox frowns lines and Botox for wrinkles.

What is Botox?

Although many people have heard of the term ‘Botox’, there may be some people who are not sure as to exactly what it is. Even though the term Botox is widely used by many people, this is only one brand of botulinum toxin. Botox is just one of a number of brands of botulinum toxin. Dysport and Xeomin are other types of large brands that are also available.

How Botox Injections Work?

Botox Cardiff injections inject botulinum toxin into the skin of an individual that has a specific effect when nerves innovate and stimulate muscles. When a nerve is fired, it releases a neurotransmitter that then binds with the receptor of the muscle and this causes the muscle to contract. So the botulinum toxin gets absorbed and cleaves off the receptors in the muscle and this prevents the nerve from stimulating the muscle.

Botox treatment tends to be used for dynamic lines, which are the lines that are not fixed like the frown lines and the crow’s feet around the eyes. So to help with this Botox injections are used in certain muscle groups that tend to relax those muscles. So when the muscles are relaxed, the dynamic lines are not as noticeable. This is especially effective with the dynamic lines that you typically see on your forehead. If a line is completely static, so if the line is always there irrelevant on the facial expression, the Botox injections will not have an effect on this.

Cardiff Botox

The cosmetic use of Cardiff Botox injections for wrinkles grew rapidly in popularity because it will appear to iron out wrinkles and lines in aging faces. With more and more people investing in the way they look and feel the demand for this treatment has continued to rise. But as we have mentioned previously, this is more than just a vanity product. It has been recognised as very useful for treating over 20 different medical conditions.

Botox injections can be used effectively in cases where people suffer from excess sweating, or Hyperhidrosis. Botox can also be used to help deal with medical conditions such as the treatment of migraines, urinary incontinence, MS and muscles spasms, tennis elbow and bell’s palsy.

Is Botox Safe?

Even though Botox injections are becoming more and popular, there are still a certain amount of people that have some reservations about the treatment. They are concerned about the safety of Botox injections are therefore hesitant to consider this as a viable type of treatment.

The treatment is now 21 years old and therefore has a well established safety record. Botox treatments are governed by the British Government and European Union so if there was any kind of doubts about the safety and validity of the treatment, it will not have been made available to customers.

Botox Cardiff Clinics

Before going ahead with any kind of Cardiff Botox treatment, it is important that you find a reputable clinic that you can trust to provide a safe and reliable treatment. Patients should ensure that the clinic that they go to for Botox treatment is fully certified and is specialised enough to ensure that the best possible treatment is received.

There are certain locations that offer Cardiff Botox injections to customers at a reduced price in an attempt to attract more customers. In some of these cases, the reason they are offering Botox injections for a lower price than others is because they have not been fully certified and cannot guarantee the safety and reliable treatments that the more reliable clinics can provide.

Cardiff botox clinics such as The Cardiff Clinic, have a proven track record of delivering Botox injections to their customers that have improved the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines, as well as to help improve certain medical conditions. You can view their Facebook page if you would like to see some more information on this Botox treatment clinic.